Sunday, September 7, 2014

Faith Quest 2014

My current calling in the Church, is 1st counselor in the Stake YW's Pres. For the past year, we have been planning a Youth Conference in SLC. We invited the youth 14 and up to go. Each youth was assigned to a "mission", and a mission president and wife were called from couples in the Stake. We had 10 missions representing different countries throughout the world. Either the mission president or his wife served in the mission that they were over.
On July 29th, we left for SLC with the Youth. We stayed in the dorms at the Univ of Utah, ate in the cafeteria, and spent a lot of time at the Institute!

The first day we had a "mission Olympics" competition. There were lots of water games!

This was Megan's mission president, the one getting wet!
His name is Bryan Whipple.
Megan loved him and his wife!
Their mission was Indonesia.

The man in the green visor is in our ward. His name is Jed Manwaring.
Him and his wife Patricia, were over the New Zealand mission.
This game they had someone "walk across a bridge" without falling.
They had to walk about 15 feet.
This group is the Leeds, England mission.
This is the Bishop of our ward and his wife, Tom and Joan Morris. They are HUGE  BYU fans.
They thought they were rebels by wearing their BYU stuff on Univ of Utah campus!
Yes, he even has BYU socks!
After the games, the kids were given their mission shirts. Each mission had different colored shirts, so they were easy to tell apart.  Megan with some of her friends. She had a yellow shirt!

After dinner that night, we had Elder Snow from the 70's come speak to the kids. He was awesome!
He told them that the youth of the church were underutilized. They needed to get out of the stands, and into the game! The youth loved him!
The next day there was an MTC like experience at the Institute building. The kids went thru mini-classes to  teach them skills to be better missionaries!
 Some of the Bishops taught classes, and this is our Stake Pres, Pres Carr, teaching a class.


We also spent a lot of time in downtown SLC at Temple Square, Conference Center, Welfare Square, the Humanitarian Center, to name a few.
A group of our kids waiting for their Conference Center Tour.
Megan and I under the portrait of Charles C. Rich in the Conference Center.
He is my great-great grandfather, and Meg's 3rd great grandfather.
View of the temple from the top of the Conference Center.
On the last night, each mission had to put on a skit. They were given a Book of Mormon story, and a bag of unrelated props that they had to use. They had 30 min to come up with a skit to perform. It was pretty fun!
The judges were our Stake Presidency, dressed up as the 3 Nephites!
This is New Zealand. Their story was Samuel the Lamanite.
These people are the wicked people who try to shoot him off the wall!
This is Megan's mission, Indonesia. The young man in the pink bathrobe is the wicked King Noah.
Mike was responsible for all of the "technical stuff" and AV stuff that had to happen. Plus he made a power point of all the pictures that were taken to show to the kids on the last morning. He was busy!
Here he is setting up for Elder Snow's talk.
The final morning, the kids hiked Ensign Peak, where they were met by a man dressed as Brigham Young. He spoke to them about the early Saints and Brigham Young.
I couldn't hike all the way up due to my recent knee surgery, but went part way. I still got some nice pictures of the Salt Lake Valley.
We came home that night exhausted, but really glad that we went. The youth had a great experience, and had the opportunity to have their testimonies strengthened! I know mine was!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fun in Salt Lake

Megan went to EFY at the Univ of Utah this summer. She got to spend 6 days living in the dorms and eating cafeteria food!   Plus, having a lot of fun.  While she was there, I went to spend some time with Rachel, Liz, and Logan. 

Here is Liz making pancakes for breakfast!

We went one night and got snow cones for the kids!  Logan got the biggest one ever!
We had to get the sales lady to put it in a cup for him.
I also took the opportunity to drive by the first house Mike and I ever owned. But when we lived there it was pink, and there wasn't a tree growing out front. And yes,
it is really teeny tiny!
On Thursday of that week, Mike drove down and Friday morning we drove up to Snow Bird and had lunch. It was great!  Only 78 degrees, with a breeze. Definitely better than
the 98 degrees in Salt Lake!
On Friday night, the rest of the Jensen Clan came into town, and we had the Jensen Family Reunion.
We went to the Hogle Zoo. Here is Lizzie, Josie, and Chesson.
Josie can't believe she doesn't get in for kids prices anymore!
Lizzie, Megan, and Sydney
These cousins were born within 6 months of each other. Sydney is the oldest,
and Meg is the youngest!
Chris, Danni, Pam, Cassie, and Sydney
Taking a well deserved break in the shade!
Finally, a Diet Coke break!
Some of the animals we saw.
Our favorites were:
the tiger
and the polar bear.
I think Pam wants to take the polar bear home!
Later that night, we went to Leatherby's Ice Cream! It is very famous in the
Salt Lake area for being so good, and giving huge servings!
Here's my favorite, Turtle Pie!
Meg and Mike shared this sweet dish!
Family Reunions are so fun!!!

Sister Missionaries

So, what happens when your husband is the Ward Mission Leader?  You spend a lot of time with the missionaries! 
Our ward has our own set of missionaries. We have the best set of sister missionaries ever! 

Sister Gummow is from Colorado, and Sister David is from Alabama.

So, what do you do with sister missionaries new to Idaho?  You take them to the West Side Drive Inn for a famous Idaho Ice Cream Potato!   (Yes, it's really made out of ice cream!)

The sisters wanted to make some cookies for some of their contacts and inactives in the ward. So we had them over for dinner and for Family Night made cookies!

Megan, Sister David, and Sister Gummow
Sis David checking out her cookies in the oven!
Sis Gummow makes a mean Snickerdoodle!
Megan is in 7th heaven when the missionaries come over!

4th of July!!!

Every year the Bakes side of the family has their family reunion the week of the 4th of July. People schedule their whole summer around this week!  We go to the cabin at Donnelly and have a blast!

Of course there is lots of eating! 

 Grandpa Todd and Myla ready to eat!

Diane and Grandpa Bakes building their own pizza!

We also play in the water!   (of course!)

Liz and Logan love the kayaks!

Grandpa Bakes bought some paddle boards this year.  The kids love them!

Mike and I even went for a 4-wheeler ride!

It's an awesome view from the top of West Mountain!

Here is my attempt at a selfie!  How come when the teenagers do selfies they look so good?!

This year was special.  We had a special Memorial Service for Uncle Jerry, who is Grandma Bakes's brother. He passed away last winter, and Grandma has had his ashes ever since. We buried them on West Mountain. 
Jerry's son Jay and his wife came to participate in the service.

Grandpa Bakes and Jay digging the hole.

Jay placing Jerry's ashes in the hole.
Grandma Bakes said some nice words about her brother.
Then we all sang "Amazing Grace" accompanied by Rachel on the violin.
This is the view from Jerry's spot.
We all think that he likes it!
It was a nice way to say goodbye to Uncle Jerry!